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EventApr 26-28, 2024
McCormick Place Chicago, Illinois

Submit your comic books, video games, home video collectibles and cards at the April 26-28 show in Chicago.

EventMay 5, 2024
Santa Clara Convention Center Santa Clara, California
CGC Sponsoring Shortboxed LIVE 2024

Company reps are accepting comics, cards, video games and home video submissions at Shortboxed LIVE 2024 on May 5.

EventMay 11, 2024
Robarts Arena Sarasota, Florida
SiestaCon 2024

Submit your comic books, cards, video games and home video collectibles at the May 11 show.

EventJun 14-16, 2024
Charlotte Convention Center Charlotte, North Carolina
CGC Announces On-site Comic Book Grading at HeroesCon

For the first time in more than four years, CGC will be offering on-site grading for comic books! Submit your comics for on-site grading at booth #101, June 14-15, and get them back before the end of the show. Read on for pricing and more details.