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New Release Jun 6, 2024
Upcoming Releases: June 2024

June is shaping up to be an incredible month for video game enthusiasts! Here's what we have to look forward to as summer rolls in.

Resource Jun 3, 2024
The Case of Betamax Versus VHS

Before VHS became the dominant videocassette in homes across America, it had to contend with Betamax — and almost lost. CGC Home Video has all the details on the video format war that raged between the 1970s and 1980s.

Resource May 13, 2024
What Are Rejection Labels?

When CGC Home Video receives a submission that cannot be certified, the submitter will receive one of four labels, and the home media collectible will be returned.

Upcoming Sale May 3, 2024
CGC-certified Star Wars VHS Highlights Upcoming Heritage Sale

The early production VHS is among the CGC-certified Star Wars collectibles available in the Star Wars Signature Auction, going live just in time for May the Fourth.


EventJun 28-30, 2024
Greater Philadelphia Expo Center Oaks, Pennsylvania
CGC Accepting Submissions at TooManyGames!

Submit your video games, comic books, cards and home video collectibles at the June 28-30 show.

EventJul 19-21, 2024
Palmer Events Center Austin, Texas
Classic Game Fest 2024

Submit your video games, comic books, cards and home video collectibles at the July 19-21 show.

EventJul 25-28, 2024
San Diego Convention Center San Diego, California
San Diego Comic Con 2024

Submit your comic books, cards, video games and home video collectibles at the July 25-28 show.

EventAug 2-4, 2024
DoubleTree Hotel Cherry Hill, New Jersey
Monster-Mania Con 2024

Submit your home video collectibles, comic books, cards and video games at the August 2-4 show.