CGC Home Video Now Grading Additional Disney & MGM Betamax Collectibles

Betamax hard clamshells, Walt Disney Home Video Betamax clamshells and MGM/UA Betamax book boxes are now eligible for grading by CGC Home Video. Continue reading to learn more.

CGC Home Video™ is thrilled to announce the expansion of its expert authentication, grading and encapsulation services to include several new Betamax collectibles, including hard clamshells, MGM/UA book boxes and Walt Disney Home Video clamshells!

“Collectors have been looking forward to the day that CGC Home Video adds more Betamax collectibles — especially Disney and MGM’s Betamax clamshells and boxes — to the list of collectibles eligible for grading,” said Paul Zamarelli, CGC Home Video Senior Grading Finalizer. “We’re excited to announce that that day is finally here.”

There are many differences between VHS and Betamax videocassettes, with their size being one of the most obvious. Betamax tapes are generally smaller than VHS tapes, meaning that their boxes and clamshells are also smaller — and, sometimes, thicker. Disney and MGM/UA’s Betamax clamshells are thicker and sized differently from their VHS counterparts, so they could not share the same holder or well.

Since launch, CGC Home Video has been hard at work developing new wells and holder sizes for home video collectibles that were not previously eligible for grading, such as these Disney and MGM/UA Betamax tapes. Now, CGC Home Video is proud to introduce a perfect-fit well for these exclusive Betamax clamshells and book boxes for maximum stability and protection, all while displayed in the state-of-the-art holder that collectors have come to know and love. For more information on CGC Home Video’s state-of-the-art holder, click here.

Please note that there are still some collectibles that CGC Home Video is unable to accept for grading at this time. For a list of home video collectibles that CGC Home Video does not grade, click here.

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