And the Oscar Goes To... CGC Home Video Certifies Screener Tapes

Did you know that CGC Home Video grades screener tapes? These early versions of home video releases sent to industry professionals — sometimes for awards consideration — are highly collectible due to their limited numbers and varying covers.

Since CGC Home Video™ launched in early 2023, collectors have been submitting a wide variety of VHS and Betamax videocassettes (and now DVDs and Blu-ray discs, too!). Within the broader areas of home video collecting, there are niche categories, and just in time for the 2023 Oscar nominations, we’re highlighting an intriguing subset — screener tapes.



Screener tapes are advance copies of videocassettes that were given to retailers, critics and other industry professionals for review ahead of a home video’s mass release. Those who were given copies of screener tapes would watch the video and decide whether they wanted to market the product. Often, these early copies of home videocassettes came with different artwork on the front, while the back contained reviews meant to encourage retailers and rental stores to put the videos on their shelves.

Other screener tapes were sent out to official Academy Awards members and officials for consideration of nominations or awards. These screener tapes, such as this example of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, came with very simple artwork. On the back of the slipcase, a list of actors, music and other Academy categories may be listed as recommendations for awards. Since these screener tapes were only given to official Academy members — which number only a few thousand — they are much rarer than other types of screener tapes given to retailers or other industry professionals.

Although most home video rental stores have now shut down, screener tapes are still valuable in today’s collector market. Send your screener tapes to CGC Home Video today! It’s easy; become a CGC Home Video member (memberships start at just $25 per year), complete the user-friendly CGC Home Video online submission form and send in your home video collectibles today. Dealers are encouraged to apply to become a CGC Authorized Dealer by emailing CGC Home Video Customer Service at

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