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New Release Nov 1, 2023
Upcoming Releases: November 2023

The holidays are approaching quickly; for some fun gift ideas, check out our list of the hottest new pop culture releases!

Auction Results Oct 31, 2023
A Nightmare on Elm Street VHS Certified by CGC Home Video Realizes $11,875 in Heritage Sale

The classic horror film was just one of several CGC-certified home video collectibles to realize hair-raising prices in the recent Heritage auction.

Resource Oct 18, 2023
15 Most Expensive VHS Tapes

Certain VHS tapes are becoming increasingly valuable as collectors vie for the most popular and rarest movie titles, and with third-party certification, authenticity and condition are guaranteed.

Company News Oct 16, 2023
Did You Know? CGC Home Video Grades International Releases

CGC Home Video doesn’t just grade North American releases. Submit your VHS and Betamax tapes from around the world!

Upcoming Sale Oct 16, 2023
Heritage Auctions Offers Classic Horror Films Graded by CGC Home Video

The auction features over 80 CGC-certified horror favorites, including A Nightmare on Elm Street from The Motor City Collection.

Company News Oct 9, 2023
Introducing CGC 10/10 Day: When the Greatest Grade Is Honored by the Greatest Deals

CGC is claiming October 10 to celebrate the highest grade for comics, cards, video games and home video, with awesome deals and giveaways for collectors!

Auction Results Oct 6, 2023
CGC-certified Back to the Future Realizes Nearly $11,000 in Heritage Sale

A stunning copy of Back to the Future pedigreed to the Motor City Collection was the top lot in the September 29 sale.

New Release Oct 1, 2023
Upcoming Releases: October 2023

From spooky film releases to thrilling crossover comics, there's plenty to look forward to this October!

Resource Sep 27, 2023
CGC Home Video Explains the Importance of Publisher Stickers to Collecting

As an excellent indicator of a videocassette’s release date, hype stickers shouldn’t be removed.

Upcoming Sale Sep 22, 2023
CGC Home Video Certifies the Motor City Collection with a Special Pedigree

The Motor City Collection includes hundreds of classic videocassettes, some of which are being offered by Heritage Auctions in September.

Video Sep 18, 2023
Learn About the CGC Home Video Label

Learn more about what is shown on the CGC Home Video label with Paul Zamarelli as your guide!

Company News Sep 15, 2023
CGC Home Video Grades Several Rare MEDA Betamax Tapes

Check out CGC Home Video Finalizer Paul Zamarelli’s break down of each generation of the classic videocassettes.

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